Breaking into the industry

Many people leave school, college or university with a desire to become a journalist, a photographer, work for a magazine, website, newspaper or in television. However, getting started in your chosen creative industry can be very difficult as the number of people wanting to do it far exceeds the number of jobs, and in particular, the number of entry level roles available.

One of the best ways of breaking into the industry and increasing your chances of getting started in your chosen career is to obtain work experience either at your school, college or university or by submitting ideas to websites and other media.

The Periodicals Training Council also provides some really good advice and guidance to those wanting to break into the magazine industry. It produces a free 24-page careers guide entitled Your Future In Magazines, which you may find useful. To find out more click here.

Many publishers, broadcasters and other media companies also offer opportunities for work experience. The best companies should have a clear policy on work experience and ensure that the experience is developmental and gives you a clearer understanding of what particular media companies do, the roles involved and help you develop a better understanding of what your chosen career might involve and the skills needed. Why not think about writing to companies you would like to work for and ask to shadow someone in a job appropriate to your chosen career or apply for work experience?


IPC Media offers work experience on some of its titles and has a clear policy to ensure that the experience is productive and developmental for both IPC and the individual. Most work experience will be unpaid and for relatively short periods of time. Click here for more about work experience at IPC.

IPC also offers a number of entry level roles to those with relevant qualifications and/or experience including a Digital Graduate Training scheme, a Marketforce graduate scheme and a number of roles in our Classified advertising department

















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Entry Level

If you're starting out in your career, IPC has a range of graduate schemes and entry level positions.