All the gossip and all the stars

Written by soap lovers for soap lovers, Soaplife is the one-stop, fortnightly magazine that brings more news, more gossip and more stars and pictures from readers' favourite shows than any other soap magazine. It's a unique mix of soap news and gossip, soaps in pictures, storyline information, interviews and updates, insight into the stars' lives on and off-screen - together with complete highlights of the next two weeks' TV including day-by-day soap previews and storylines for all the soaps.

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  • Launch date: 1999
  • Frequency: Fortnightly
  • Cover price: £1.65
  • Audience: Women aged 15-34 who watch multiple soaps
  • Median age: 29
  • Circulation data

    • ABC: 61,736 (ABC Jan-Jun14)
    • NRS: 329,000 (NRS Jan-Dec 13)