Amateur Gardening

UK's best-selling weekly gardening magazine

This iconic brand, established in 1884, has been at the forefront of the UK garden scene for 128 years.

It's aimed at gardeners whose interest is in growing, and it covers a wide range of horticultural interests - that's what makes it so popular. This is supported by expert opinion and tips from some of gardening's most influential exponents; including Toby Buckland, Bob Flowerdew, Anne Swithinbank, Peter Seabrook and Charles Dowding.

There are beautifully illustrated inspirational features covering plant and flower groups and people and places in gardening, and a series looking at private gardens around the country, uniquely allied to The Yellow Book gardening charity.

All this is backed up by an award-winning news section that is the envy of other gardening publications - they're the pages all gardeners turn to when they really want to know what's hot and what's not in horticulture.

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