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The number one TV guide for all the family

What's on TV provides over 3.4 million readers a week with a great value mix of entertaining TV features, the latest soap news and gossip, plus puzzles, competitions and easy-to-use TV listings.

Bright, friendly and great value, What's on TV offers a no-nonsense, entertaining guide to TV for all the family.

WhatsonTV.co.uk with its focus on story updates, photos, video and news relating to soaps and popular UK TV, is the perfect online destination for the brand. Other touchpoints include a mobile optimised website, Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Launch date: 1991
  • Visit Website
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Cover price: 54p
  • Audience: ABC1 women aged 25-44 with young families
  • Median age: 43
  • Circulation data

    • ABC: 1,037,595 (ABC Jan-Jun14)
    • NRS: 2,961,000 (NRS Jul-Dec13)
    • Unique Users: 828,069